First Day of the ELAG 2018 Conference

After Monday’s Pre-conference Bootcamps and the Opening Reception, Day 1 brought the official opening as well as the first round of presentations. The director of the National Library of Technology, Martin Svoboda, and the Chair of the ELAG Committee, Peter van Boheemen, launched this year’s conference, whose theme is BLEND/DEBLEND. Their words were followed by Ruben Verborgh’s keynote speech entitled The Delicate Dance of Decentralization and Aggregation.

Eric Lease Morgan spoke about how to make sense of data in his presentation Moving From Find & Get and Towards Use & Understanding. Ondřej Koch, head of the ICT department at the hosting institution, gave an overview of some IT systems and infrastructure present at the NTK as well as challenges he and his colleagues face daily. His speech, called simply Fundamentals, ended with a call for more communication between IT specialists in libraries and in other sectors.