ELAG 2018 Conference presentations June 5-7 2018, Prague, Czech Republic

Are your proud of the work you have been doing ? Do you think you know stuff you should share ? Do you have a great idea ? Are you able to teach your colleagues something ? Make yourself heard by doing a presentation at Elag 2018 !

The theme that was chosen for this year conference is ‘Blend/Deblend‘.  Nowadays we are used to data being dispersed in different locations, formats and environments. We reference data, linking and blending them to be useful to our users. We started re-using data by harvesting OAI repositories and we ended up copying everything as-is instead of blending data using standard web protocols. The vision is that merging distributed data using web services (microservices) will enable us to better blend and re-use data. Yet, we are still living in a world of monolithic data structures; we need to go forward and try to use standard web data-formats and reconsider library data description rules in light of this. On the other hand, we are faced with monolithic legacy systems which, though moving to the cloud, are pretty hard to ‘deconstruct’. Here we should ‘deblend’ as well. Our local IT infrastructure is also moving to a blended environment where web services and enterprise service buses are supposed to orchestrate a universal information environment. It is not an easy task to use the existing library systems in this kind of environment.

At ELAG 2018, we would like to focus on these thoughts and concepts and we would like to invite you all to join us with your thoughts and experiences.

Guidelines for conference presentations are available at: https://elag.org/2015/11/09/presentation-guidelines/.

To propose a presentation, please complete the form below and send to: Peter van Boheemen (peter.vanboheemen@wur.nl), Chair of the ELAG 2018 Programme Committee.

All proposals will be reviewed by the ELAG 2018 Programme Committee.

The deadline for proposals is the March 8, 2018.

The results of the review process will be sent by March 16, 2018.


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