ELAG 2018 Presentations

The Delicate Dance of Decentralization and Aggregation by Ruben Verborgh

Blending and Deblending Data in the Daily Routine of a University Library by Wolfgang Stille

Hydras to TACOs: Evolving the Stanford Digital Repository by Christina Harlow, Erin Fahy

The ARCLib Project: An Open-Source Solution for Long-Term Preservation by Michal Růžička

The Datahub Project: De/blending Museum Data by Matthias Vandermaesen

ABC: Amsterdam Blended Collections – The Local Amsterdam Cultural Heritage Linked Open Data Network by Lukas Koster

In Out, In Out, and Shake It All About: a Moving Story of Data by Jane Stevenson

Enriching Library Metadata with API’s by Lucas Mak

Rethinking the IT System Architecture by Henrike Berthold

Pushing SKOS by Felix Ostrowski, Adrian Pohl

Blend and deblend Linked open data in a Consortium by Jordi Pallarès

Machine for Automatic Subject Indexing Using ToC by Jan Pokorný

DeepGreen – Blending Data to Transform the German Scientific Publication Landscape to More Open Access by Thomas Dierkes, Julia Goltz-Fellgiebel

From XML to MARC: RDF behind the scenes by Yann Nicolas

Largest Koha Installation of 1,130 Public Libraries in Turkey by Mengu Yazicioglu


ELAG 2018 Lightning Talks, June 7

Making Wikidata fit as a Linking Hub for Knowledge Organization Systems by Joachim Neubert

Data Quality Flea Market by Péter Kiraly

Shareable Authority by Jing Wang

Linked data is dead? by Lassi Lager

RIJKS MUSEUM by Chris Dijskshoorn

Blending/Reblending Library Services: Supporting Reproducible Science by Harrison Dekker


ELAG 2018 Lightning Talks, June 8

Links quality for/by human and machines by Aline Le Provost

Using Cucumber for Collaboration by Rurik Greenall

SOLR TOTAL. 1 000 MARC Fields. 2 000 Indexes by Yann Nicolas

Library Carpentry. Software and data skills for library professionals by Tim Dennis

A Lightning Talk on Manuscripts and IIIF by Leander Seige

ELAG Community by Lukas Koster and Christina Harlow